The start of a new school year – what about changing some of those ‘old faithfuls’ that have seen better days? How about a new alphabet frieze or new drawer labels to brighten up your learning environment? If you’re fed up with delivering your phonic sessions in the same old way, then take a look at my phonic resources. Phonic posters, games and table mats to help your children learn. There are also phonic PowerPoints that deliver a whole week of lessons for Phases 2 – 5 of ‘Letters and Sounds’.

Knight Owl Teaching Resources is primarily for the busy KS1 teacher/TA or Early Years practitioner. By visiting my website, you should hopefully,  find a resource that is appropriate for your age group and planning. Downloading a Knight Owl resource might even alleviate some of the stress of that dreaded OFSTED phone call!

Knight Owl Teaching Resources is all about giving you back some time. I know how exhausting teaching young children is. So let me do some of the hard work and REMEMBER…


Buying and downloading our resources is as easy as ABC... find out how

How it works

Once you have registered onto the site, you have to order some tokens to buy the presentations. Once you have purchased the tokens, you can spend them on which ever presentations you want. Some presentations come as sets, so purchasing a bundle package is really ideal and cost effective. All token payment go through PayPal, you do not need login details to purchase these as there is a guest checkout where you can enter in your bank details.

New Resources

Check out my new resources and look out for the 'freebies'. If there is something you would like to see on my website, then let me know and I will see what I can do. This also applies for any mistakes you spot or any difficulties you have downloading. I will endeavour to rectify the error and get back to you as soon as possible.

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